Find your own way with Freedom

Freedom is a new approach to wireless lighting control. 
We want to offer freedom of choice. In our dream, our Freedom LED driver connects to any wireless system.
How? We actively search wireless lighting partners and invite companies to innovate with us.
Why? Because we want our customers to have all the possibilities. And we want to know, what our Freedom Node can do. 

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Freedom LED driver

We are here to sell LED drivers. But we don't want to be tied into any specific standards or ecosystems. That's why our Freedom LED drivers can operate with any Freedom compatible lighting control system - all you need is to match it with the Freedom Node. 

Freedom Node

Freedom Node is a small radio unit with the wireless lighting control software installed. It connects to Freedom LED driver and makes the magic happen. Now, you can have it with Helvar's leading innovation, the self-learning ActiveAhead. Very soon it's ready for Casambi and Mount Kelvin. And a couple of more known systems are already testing with our Freedom LED drivers - you'll hear about them soon.


Freedom for the luminaires

Choose the most suitable Freedom LED driver to fit your lighting needs. Then, design your luminaire with our driver matched with Freedom Node. You don't need to choose your wireless control ecosystem yet - Freedom Node is physically the same, regardless of the system.

No need to make design variants or apply for multiple approvals. And at the time of order, just choose the control software you want. Or make your own!  


Freedom for the developers

We don't yet know all the things Freedom can do. That's why we invite you to innovate. We give you the full access to our digital protocol and let you create your wireless lighting control system.

Do you already have a lighting control system? Or beaconing? Data analytics?  Great! Make it Freedom compatible and have your system available for anyone. 

Contact us to find your way with Freedom.